Posted: Nov 11, 2022

Donor Relations Manager

Salary: $44,000.00 - $48,000.00 Annually
Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2022


To secure funds for Because International through honoring the passions of its donors by providing giving opportunities that align with their interests, encouraging them to give, and following up with frequent impact reporting and expressions of gratitude.


  1. Qualify donors for a major donor portfolio, not to exceed 80 donors, on an ongoing basis.

  2. Set and manage individual goals for each donor in the portfolio.

  3. Create a communication plan for each donor in the portfolio that is focused on fulfilling (and defining) that donor’s interests and passions, and takes into account their communication preferences. Execute the plan and adapt as needed.

  4. Work with The Shoe That Grows and Because Accelerator programs to gather accurate project information for the creation of donor offers and to report back to donors on the impact their gift made.

  5. Other major gift officer duties as needed, including monthly reporting on portfolio activity and updating donor records in Salesforce.


Performance will be measured by:

  1. Qualifying and disqualifying donors, including appropriate documentation.

  2. Achieving overall agreed-upon revenue goal based on individual donor goals. Retention and upgrading of donors, including cultivation of transformational gifts.

  3. Development of a personal communication and ask plan that takes into account the individual donor’s interests, motivations, giving patterns and ask and communication preferences.

  4. Securing project and organization information and creating and writing effective offers, proposals and asks. Regular and timely reporting and gratitude back to the donor.

  5. Regularly updating Salesforce to reflect portfolio performance and communication plan actions.

  6. Management of process, deadlines and budget.

  7. Stewardship of the mission, goals and values of the organization.